Actium Partners draws on its expertise from investing across a wide range of industries to provide strategic advice. Our goal is to help position your business for future investment or sale to new investors. In contrast to other advisory firms, Actium will take a portion of our fee in equity.

The three primary areas of advisory services include:

  • Financial analysis and strategy
  • Operational improvement, organizational structure and strategy
  • Mergers and acquisition oversight and strategy

Case Study

A company with common ownership in three separate entities needed advice on the most effective way to combine to enable third-party investment. Actium coordinated with multiple service advisors to suggest the optimum structure for a new, unified organization.

The structure proposed by Actium Partners will simplify management and consolidate accounting, making it easier for outside investors to evaluate the investment opportunity.

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Founded in 2004, Actium is a holding company that makes equity and debt investments in a range of industries and real estate projects to achieve a superior return on its capital while preserving a margin of safety.