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Hard Money Fully Explained In 5 Simple Points

Hard money is not difficult to understand. In fact, its foundational principles are pretty basic. Below is a full explanation of hard money in five simple points. If you can grasp these five points, you will know enough about hard money lending to determine whether it is an option worth considering.

Why a Nimble and Agile Hard Money Lender Is a Strong Asset to You

Actium Partners explains why a flexible and fast-working hard money lender is a strong asset during the investment process.

All Hard Money Is Private Money But Not Vice-Versa

Actium Partners, a Utah hard money lender, discusses how hard money is private money but not all private money is hard money.

4 Reasons to Establish a Strong Relationship with Your Lender

Actium Partners discuss why it’s important for borrowers to have a strong, positive relationship with their hard money lenders.

The #1 Reason to Obtain Hard Money First

It goes without saying that a lot of the projects we fund make use of multiple forms of financing. For example, we have funded real estate investments with short-term bridge loans that have allowed our clients to obtain properties and then work out traditional financing. In cases where multiple funding options will be utilized, it’s […]

3 Scenarios That Could Require Next-Day Funding

Imagine you need funding to close an important deal. Furthermore, you need it by the next day. Could you walk into a bank and secure a loan within 24 hours? No. It is not going to happen. So you either let the deal fall through or you look for another option. That’s where Actium Partners […]

How Hard Money’s Speed and Flexibility Can Help Your Business

Hard money lenders like Actium Partners exist to help businesses and entrepreneurs make the most of their opportunities with fast, flexible funding. And we believe our two greatest assets are speed and flexibility. They are assets that could make a real difference for your business. We understand that you have many different options for business […]

What to Do When You Need an Immediate Loan

Among the many advantages of hard money loans is speed. Here at Actium Partners, we are like most other hard money lenders in the sense that we strive for quick turnaround time. One of our goals is to get loans approved and funded as quickly as possible. The first thing to do if you need […]

Top 3 Reasons Why People Take Out Loans

Actium Partners serves a wide variety of clientele with differing needs. In other words, our hard money loans are not a single type of loan targeted at a single type of customer. We look for every opportunity we can to invest in local Salt Lake City businesses by providing funding that is otherwise too difficult […]

What You Need to Know about House Flipping Loans

Obtaining loans for flipping a house was fairly easy 20 years ago. Almost anybody could walk in to a bank and walk out with a mortgage a short time later. That is no longer the case. Not only are mortgage lenders more discriminating, they are also more wary than ever about loaning to house flippers. […]