Why Speed Is So Important to Our Funding Process

We talk an awful lot about the speed at which we can fund hard money and bridge loans. Whether youare looking to borrow in Salt Lake City or elsewhere in Utah, Idaho, or even Colorado, we do our utmostto fund loans in days rather than months. We consider speed one of the most important aspects […]

Bridge Loans for Real Estate Investments: 4 Things to Consider

You are a real estate investor looking at the best deal you have seen in a long time. You think you canpull it off with the right bridge loan. Now it’s time to start looking at lenders. You know of at least onebank that has expressed interest in working with you. You have also done […]

Hard Money and Bridge Loans Are Perfect for Real Estate

Real estate deals come in all shapes and sizes. You have residential deals involving buyers purchasingprimary residences. There are deals involving residential landlords, too. In the commercial realm, realestate transactions can involve developers, commercial landlords, and different types of investors. Allhave one thing in common: they find hard money and bridge loans are perfect for […]

How Hard Money Can Save a Deal on the Brink

How often have you heard that hard money is a resource of last resort? It is claimed so often that theconcept has become synonymous with hard money lending. Fortunately, for you and us it is not true.Not only is hard money lending not a last resort strategy, but it could also be the only form […]

Combining Hard Money with Other Funding Sources

A common misconception in our industry is that hard money is a separate entity unto itself. People lookat it as an all-or-nothing kind of thing. Truth be told, hard money is just another funding option – albeitsuperior to other options. We say all this to explain that many of our clients combine hard money loanswith […]

Don’t Lose That Deal to Slow Financing

What is the number one advantage Actium Partners has over traditional lenders? That might be hard to say, but speed would certainly be near, if not top of the list. The pace at which we get deals done cannot be matched by retail banks and credit unions. In light of that, we encourage you not […]

Hard Money as a Bridge to Standard Financing

Despite hard money lenders seemingly having a penchant for investments and real estate deals, there are many more uses for hard money loans. For example, we sometimes serve clients in need of bridge funding while they pursue standard financing for their projects. We are happy to do so. Hard money structured as a bridge loan […]

3 Scenarios That Could Require Next-Day Funding

Imagine you need funding to close an important deal. Furthermore, you need it by the next day. Could you walk into a bank and secure a loan within 24 hours? No. It is not going to happen. So you either let the deal fall through or you look for another option. That’s where Actium Partners […]

Closing a Loan Quickly to Meet 1031 Exchange Requirements

We often speak of the speed at which we can approve hard money loans. As a private lender, we have the kind of discretion we need to move more quickly than traditional lenders. One of our more recent deals illustrates the point perfectly. The deal involved a client who needed funding to close a 1031 […]

48 Hours Was Enough Time to Help an SLC Property Investor

We have the privilege of working with property investors throughout Salt Lake City and the entire state of Utah. Among the many reasons they come to us is speed. Indeed, that was the case with one particular investor who recently contacted us in need of fast cash. We were able to approve and fund his […]