Don’t Lose That Deal to Slow Financing

What is the number one advantage Actium Partners has over traditional lenders? That might be hard to say, but speed would certainly be near, if not top of the list. The pace at which we get deals done cannot be matched by retail banks and credit unions. In light of that, we encourage you not […]

Hard Money as a Bridge to Standard Financing

Despite hard money lenders seemingly having a penchant for investments and real estate deals, there are many more uses for hard money loans. For example, we sometimes serve clients in need of bridge funding while they pursue standard financing for their projects. We are happy to do so. Hard money structured as a bridge loan […]

3 Scenarios That Could Require Next-Day Funding

Imagine you need funding to close an important deal. Furthermore, you need it by the next day. Could you walk into a bank and secure a loan within 24 hours? No. It is not going to happen. So you either let the deal fall through or you look for another option. That’s where Actium Partners […]

Closing a Loan Quickly to Meet 1031 Exchange Requirements

We often speak of the speed at which we can approve hard money loans. As a private lender, we have the kind of discretion we need to move more quickly than traditional lenders. One of our more recent deals illustrates the point perfectly. The deal involved a client who needed funding to close a 1031 […]

48 Hours Was Enough Time to Help an SLC Property Investor

We have the privilege of working with property investors throughout Salt Lake City and the entire state of Utah. Among the many reasons they come to us is speed. Indeed, that was the case with one particular investor who recently contacted us in need of fast cash. We were able to approve and fund his […]

How Hard Money’s Speed and Flexibility Can Help Your Business

Hard money lenders like Actium Partners exist to help businesses and entrepreneurs make the most of their opportunities with fast, flexible funding. And we believe our two greatest assets are speed and flexibility. They are assets that could make a real difference for your business. We understand that you have many different options for business […]

Bridge Loans: Get Funding While You Wait on Your SBA Loan

Private lending is an excellent tool for business financing. Consider bridge loans, for example. We provide such loans to businesses and entrepreneurs throughout Salt Lake City. We are not afraid to offer a bridge loan to a business owner attempting to get a small business administration (SBA) loan. SBA loans bring a lot to the […]

Leveraging Hard Money to Emerge from Coronavirus

Coronavirus has done things to the economy no one ever expected.

Your Options When Approaching Business Loan Maturity

For many companies, business loans represent one of several funding vehicles necessary to keep things going. Business loans of all types have maturity dates, those dates on which the loans must be paid in full. However, reaching maturity does not necessarily dictate the end of the line. As a trusted hard money lender in Salt […]

What to Do When You Need an Immediate Loan

Among the many advantages of hard money loans is speed. Here at Actium Partners, we are like most other hard money lenders in the sense that we strive for quick turnaround time. One of our goals is to get loans approved and funded as quickly as possible. The first thing to do if you need […]