Hard Money: Loans That Don’t Fit Neatly in a Box

If we had a dime every time that we heard hard money borrowers are desperate people who are in financial trouble and have no way out, we would be a lot wealthier than we are. This is one of the most pervasive myths about our industry. But it is simply not true. We lend to people with financial needs that do not fit neatly in a box.

Why Hard Money Loans Are Sometimes Called Rescue Capital

A recent review of some of our hard money loans in Colorado brought up the topic of rescue capital. The loans we make are most often referred to as hard money loans or bridge loans. But every now and again, someone will come to us in need of financial rescue.

How Financing Property Acquisitions Can Actually Boost Returns

Let us begin this post with a question: is all debt bad? On the surface, you might think so. However, there are certain circumstances under which debt can be a good thing. Property investing is a prime example. Financing acquisitions through hard money loans can actually boost an investor’s returns over time.

What Every New Investor Should Know About Negative Leverage

Colorado’s property market could see some interesting changes this year, depending on what the 2024 legislative session produces. We were considering some of those potential changes in relation to Colorado hard money leanding when the idea of negative leverage came up

Do Hard Money Lenders Require a Down Payment

In recent months, we have noticed a subtle increase in the number of blog posts suggesting would-be investors can break into real estate without putting any money down. The posts offer all sorts of tips that make it seem like it is possible to buy a rental property without a down payment. But is that […]

Hard Money 101 for New Investors

Here at Actium Partners, we specialize in hard money and bridge loans for real estate. Our clients are located throughout Utah, Colorado, and Idaho. What we do for clients is pretty straightforward. However, if you are new to real estate investing, you might not be familiar with how hard money works. Allow us to explain. […]

Here’s to Many More Successful Hard Money Loans in 2024

The hard money business has been very good for us in 2023. Over the last 12 months, we have had the opportunity to work with some outstanding clients who used the loans we made to invest in properties in Utah, Colorado, and Idaho. It has been an honor for us to help clients reach their […]

When a Hard Money Loan Becomes Rescue Capital

Hard money loans and bridge loans are two terms used to describe the types of private loans we make. There is a third term that is not used so often: ‘rescue capital’. The truth is that rescue capital is hard money offered to help a borrower after their original lender backs out. We see such […]

Third-Party Reports and Their Relationship to Hard Money Loans

Every type of lending involves at least some paperwork. Hard money lending has its own paperwork, but the requirements tend to be substantially less compared to what traditional lenders require. Among our requirements are a small number of third-party reports. You are probably familiar with such reports if you are a regular hard money borrower. […]

Hard Money Loans Can Help You Reach Your Business Goals

One of the things we are quite proud of here at Actium Partners is that we help our clients reach their financial goals via hard money and bridge loans. Larger goals are made possible by meeting immediate financial needs now. That is how we look at it. We encourage you to consider something similar. Try […]