What is a Hard Money Loan?

Actium Partners is one of Salt Lake City’s leading providers of hard money loans. What is a hard money loan? It is a very specific kind of loan offered by private lenders to businesses and investors who have neither the time nor the interest to deal with banks. Hard money represents one of the easiest […]

Definitions of Common Hard Money Terms

Anyone new to hard money lending has quite a bit to learn. For example, there is a long list of words and phrases unique to the lending experience. A person who has never borrowed before would not be expected to know them. However, once borrowing becomes an option, it is important for potential borrowers to […]

How We Helped a Real Estate Firm Overcome a Roadblock

Hard money lenders like Actium Partners exist for one purpose: to do what banks cannot do. We loan money based primarily on collateral rather than personal credit history and other traditional factors. Furthermore, we do what we do quickly. Speed is one of the primary factors separating hard money from traditional bank lending.   A […]

Hard Money vs. Cash: Things to Consider

A real estate investor not wanting to run to the bank to finance a new investment basically has two options: hard money and cash assets. Both represent a way to invest without having to entangle oneself with bank financing. But which one is better? Actually, neither one. Each case has to be evaluated on its […]

Here’s What You Don’t Need for Hard Money Loans

Anyone who has turned to Actium Partners after getting nowhere with a bank understands that there are distinct differences between bank loans and hard money. Those differences extend far beyond lending here in Salt Lake City. They permeate throughout the entire global banking sector. Convincing a bank to make a business loan is like pulling […]

Real Estate Investing: 3 Reasons to Utilize Hard Money

Real estate investors essentially have three choices for financing new properties: bank loans, hard money, and cash. Here at Actium Partners, we specialize in the hard money category. We loan to all sorts of clients who need fast cash to get real estate deals done. We recognize there are legitimate reasons for seeking out bank […]

3 Alternative Lending Myths Busted

With the Salt Lake City market as hot as it is right now, hard money for real estate transactions is in high demand. Organizations like Actium Partners exist to make that money available with as few hitches as possible. What we do is considered alternative lending by the traditional banking sector, but ‘alternative’ does not […]

Hard Money for When Banks Won’t Help

Hard money in the financial sector is money owned directly by the individual or fund making the loans. Actium Partners is a hard money lender. Unlike a bank, we do not have a complicated management structure with loan approval requiring weeks if not months by the time various committees and individuals review it. Why should […]

Bridge Loans Offer Fast Cash When Time is of the Essence

Bridge loans are quite a bit different from traditional loans in a number of ways. For example, they can be obtained much faster. Bridge loans are the ideal choice when a client needs access to fast cash because time is of the essence. That client may be working on a compressed timeline restricted to the […]

Can Hard Money Loans Be Fast and Safe?

Hard money loans are a good option for borrowers who need access to cash but, for whatever reason, are not excited about approaching a bank. They need the money as fast as possible. Yet they know from previous experience that banks move too slowly. The question becomes this: can hard money loans be both fast […]