"We're different! Most lenders write these loans for six months and charge much higher fees fees (4 to 5 points over that period.) We help you by structuring our loans for a longer period of time (one year) so the points don't approach that high annual rate and save you money."
— Paul Christenson, President

We Have Money to Loan

Actium provides first-position property loans

If you are a property owner with collateral in the form of vacant land or real estate you’ve come to the right lender. Actium is an Intermountain region hard money lender. We provide first-position loans on non-owner occupied properties.

Find out which loan suits your needs below.

Actium Loan Terms & Conditions

  • • Interest only payments are made monthly
  • • Loan duration up to a year, no prepayment penalty
  • • Loan amounts up to $750,000

Land Loan

Vacant land can help you obtain the funds to finance your needs.

Borrower profile: Did you recently inherit land? Put that land to work to finance your business.
Do you own lots of farm land, but need new equipment? Use your land to finance your agricultural needs.

Bridge Loan

This loan is tailored for short-term funds for business financing.
Unlike a bank loan, our bridge loans are quick closing so that you can have immediate financing.

Borrower profile: If your cash flow is temporarily delayed or halted, this is the loan for you.

Real Estate Loan

You are eligible for a real estate loan as long as you do not live in the property you are taking a loan against. We call these loans non-owner occupied loans.
If you own rentals or commercial buildings, you can get a collateral loan from Actium.

Use your real estate property for short-term business financing.

Borrower profile: Do you need cash to finance more rentals or commercial buildings? Use your current rentals and commercial property as an investment for future cash flow.

Contact Actium

Opportunities begin with a phone call. Contact Paul Christenson at 801-983-6701 to start the conversation. Or fill out this form:
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