Actium is Still Lending Even as Rates Rise

Actium is Still Lending Even as Rates Rise

With significant inflation looming over the economy, the Federal Reserve has indicated that another rate hike is on the way. We are not surprised. As early as the beginning of Q4 2021, we thought it highly likely that rates would start climbing. That is what the Fed does when inflation looks like it’s getting out of hand.

We have been anticipating a rate hike all along. Despite what we believe is almost certain, we are still lending. We are still looking at opportunities to help property investors and other borrowers achieve their financial goals. We believe now is an excellent time to support borrowers struggling to line up bank financing in a timely manner.

Assuming history holds true in the coming months, we are going to see a tighter credit market as banks decide to take on less risk. Liquidity will be somewhat fleeting as well. This could make it difficult for some borrowers to continue making use of bank funding to the same degree as they did in the past. But again, Actium Partners stands ready to lend.

Actium is Still Lending Even as Rates Rise

Easy Approval Process

Hard money lending is asset-based lending. We base our lending decisions more on the strength of your assets than anything else. The result is an easier approval process. Send us the details of your project and we will consider it. We will take a close look at your collateral and render a decision from there. Meanwhile, our documentation requirements are minimal and pretty straightforward.

Note that our easier approval process is still dependent on the strength of borrower assets. As credit markets tighten, we will have to be equally careful about the projects we invest in. Make sure you have strong collateral when you propose your project.

We Work Quickly

If you have never worked with Actium Partners before, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly we get things done. We do not believe the hard money process should be long and drawn out. To that end, we will get to work on your project right away. If we can approve your loan in a day or two, we will.

We have been known to close deals within 24 hours. Every loan application has to be taken at face value, so there are no guarantees we can get you approved and funded that quickly. But we can promise that our process doesn’t take months to complete. That’s one of the reasons hard money is so attractive for deals that are up against a deadline.

With banks tightening their belts and property prices still incredibly attractive, you have yet another reason to look to hard money to fund your property investments. Bank funding is probably only going to get tougher, but we are fully funded and open for business. We welcome the opportunity to take a look at funding your next project.

Long-Term Outlook

Right now, it’s still too early to tell what the long-term outlook is for our nation’s economy. We understand the Fed is looking to slow down inflation without plunging the nation into a recession. All we can do is wait and watch. Here’s hoping the next couple of rate increases do the trick. If they do, the ship could be righted pretty quickly. If not, bank funding may be hard to come by for the foreseeable future.

As always, Actium Partners will be here to help our clients meet their financial goals. If you have worked with us before, you know how easy it is to utilize hard money as a short-term financing tool. And if not, now might be the right time to make a move.