Case Study: Condos in Moab

Hard Money Loans

One of our more recent loan deals came by way of an investor who needed fast financing after another lender could not fund. We had the opportunity to quickly assess the client’s collateral and create a suitable loan to get the deal done. These are the sorts of cases we specialize in here at Actium Partners.


We were approached in early January by a client looking to complete a deal in Moab, Utah. The client was interested in purchasing a condo property that would act as collateral on the loan. Unfortunately, we were not the first lender this client approached.

A traditional lender initially agreed to finance the acquisition. However, this traditional lender backed out upon finding how many investor-owned units were in the building. The lender backed out of the deal at the last minute, leaving the client in a bad situation.

The client was concerned that earnest money would be lost if funding could not be found quickly. We were approached and asked how quickly we could get a loan approved.


Getting deals approved in a timely fashion is one of the things we take great pride in here at Actium Partners. As such, we immediately drove to Moab and inspect the property being offered as collateral. Based on our inspection and looking at recent comparable sales we proceeded.

Back here at the office, we drafted loan documents right away. Documents and funds were sent to the title company on the following day, thus allowing the client to close the deal. Not only was no earnest money lost, but the client was able to successfully complete what we hope will be a profitable investment.


This case is but one example of Actium’s ability to make quick decisions and fund fast. Most hard money lenders do not have that ability for one reason or another. We do for the simple fact that speed is part of our mission.

We have been in the hard money business long enough to know that many people who come seeking loans need funding fast. Like our client in Moab, many of our other clients have no interest in dealing with banks simply because they are too slow. Borrowers need to move fast on whatever deal they are trying to complete at that moment.

A Better Option Than Banks

Banks are not the place to go when you need fast funding. It can take days just to complete the application process and provide the necessary documentation. Then it can take weeks for underwriters to do what they do. Meanwhile, the opportunity can slip away.

We were absolutely thrilled to be able to help the Moab deal close. Our client got his hands on an excellent investment while we are now able to generate additional revenues on that particular loan. Both of us turned out winners in this deal.

If you need emergency funding without delay, we seriously encourage you to consider a hard money loan. The traditional banking sector is not built for speed. In fact, it is purposely designed to be slow. We are not. We have the ability to quickly evaluate collateral, make a decision, and get loan documents and funding done quickly.