Don’t Lose That Deal to Slow Financing

fast hard money

What is the number one advantage Actium Partners has over traditional lenders? That might be hard to say, but speed would certainly be near, if not top of the list. The pace at which we get deals done cannot be matched by retail banks and credit unions. In light of that, we encourage you not to risk losing that deal due to slow financing. Work with us instead.

Slow financing is a deal-killer for so many. It is particularly problematic in the real estate arena, given the fact that multiple buyers in a competitive market often win or lose based on how quickly they can get their financing in order. We know. We have helped plenty of clients who would have otherwise lost the properties they were working on had we not provided a speedy funding solution.

Days Rather Than Weeks

We can do in days what it takes banks weeks to accomplish. Perhaps you are working on a deal you will close within 7 to 10 business days. Good luck trying to get a bank to move that quickly for you. With any bank there is a ton of paperwork to process. The bank has to run credit checks and arrange for a property appraisal. It all takes time.

Our process is a lot more efficient. As such, it is a lot faster. We require only a minimal amount of paperwork. We also handle our own appraisals, so there is no working with a third-party to get somebody out to look at your property. We can get your hard money loan funded as fast as we can get the necessary information from you and get a good look at your collateral. Approval is in days rather than weeks.

Sometimes Approval Is Within Hours

While we generally take a few days to get things done, we are not locked into any particular schedule. It is possible for us to do what needs to be done in a matter of hours. In fact, we have funded more than one project within the next day time frame. Doing so can mean extra effort on our part, but we are more than happy to give that effort to clients who need our help fast.

There was one particular client who came to us with an emergency need on a weekday morning. Within a short time, we had a team member on a plane to the client’s location. Our team member appraised the property that afternoon and flew back to Salt Lake City. We were on the phone with the title company the following business day and had the money transferred to the appropriate account.

Time Doesn’t Have to Be the Enemy

Many of the new clients we serve come to us with the perspective that time is the enemy. It doesn’t have to be. Hard money and bridge funding can make time a non-factor in closing important deals. Time doesn’t have to be the enemy because we have ways of working around even the tightest of schedules.

If you are working on a deal that seems prohibitively time sensitive, we invite you to reach out to Actium Partners. We cannot promise you a specific time frame in this post, but we can promise will get working on your case right away.

Do not let slow financing scuttle your deal. There will be plenty of time to work with banks later on. For now, you need fast funding to secure whatever it is you are working on. We can help. Our fast and efficient approval process can get your project funded in comparatively little time.