How Hard Money Can Save a Deal on the Brink

Hard Money Loans

How often have you heard that hard money is a resource of last resort? It is claimed so often that the
concept has become synonymous with hard money lending. Fortunately, for you and us it is not true.
Not only is hard money lending not a last resort strategy, but it could also be the only form of lending
capable of helping you save a deal on the brink.
There are lots of reasons to appreciate hard money lending. One of them is speed. In the years we’ve
been in this business, Actium Partners has had the privilege of working with countless clients who came
to us because time was of the essence. They all had deals on the brink of collapse, deals that would have
fallen through had they been unable to arrange financing quickly.
If you are a real estate investor, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Winners and losers in the
real estate game are often determined by who can come up with financing the fastest. Deals are often
won or lost based on the speed of an investor’s lending partner. And make no mistake about it, speed is
one of the primary advantages of hard money.
Days Instead of Months
Banks have complicated application review and underwriting processes. We will not get into why that is.
It just is. Our process is much simpler. It is also much faster. We can generally arrange financing in a
couple of days. When absolutely necessary, arranging it in under 24 hours is not out of the question. We
have done it before.
There is no way you get that kind of speed from a bank. Your typical bank just isn’t designed to do things
that way. That’s fine; they are free to run their businesses as they see fit. But when you have a deal on
the brink, you cannot necessarily afford to wait weeks for a decision. You cannot wait until next month
to have your loan fully funded. You need both an answer and funding quickly. We can help.
An Investment Property in Provo
Allow us to present a hypothetical case study based on a number of clients we have already helped.
Imagine an investor looking to buy a commercial building up in Provo. The building has a fantastic
amount of rental potential just waiting to be tapped. He calls our office here in Salt Lake City.
It turns out financing he thought was available from his bank isn’t there. To complicate matters, he only
has three days before closing. That’s not a problem for us. We immediately dispatch someone to Provo
to look things over. By the end of the day, our representative is back in the office and starting the
Meanwhile, we have also contacted the title company to get things going on their end. We are satisfied
with the value of the property in question, so now it’s a simple matter of completing our underwriting
process and getting the loan funded.
Our client has the funds necessary to close on the very day closing was originally scheduled. He
completes the purchase and immediately sets about renovating the property and getting it rented. He
expects his rental payments to cover the cost of the loan, which has a one-year term.

We Can Get It Done
There is no need for you to lose your mind over deals that appear to be on the brink. If speed is of the
essence, contact Actium Partners today. We can help you save that deal. It is what we do – and we do it