How Hard Money’s Speed and Flexibility Can Help Your Business

Hard money lenders like Actium Partners exist to help businesses and entrepreneurs make the most of their opportunities with fast, flexible funding. And we believe our two greatest assets are speed and flexibility. They are assets that could make a real difference for your business.

We understand that you have many different options for business financing. Between bank loans, government loans, and even funds from private investors, there is a full range of opportunities out there. We compete by providing the funding clients need in a more streamlined and efficient manner. When speed and flexibility count, it is hard to beat hard money.

Loans Are Funded Faster

Speed is of utmost importance to many of our clients. Some are working on deals of a time-sensitive nature. Others have applied for traditional funding but cannot wait an extended amount of time for it to come through. In nearly every case, we can do what we do much faster than banks.

Here are a couple of examples:

1. Saving a Real Estate Deal

Picture a real estate investor looking to purchase an apartment complex in Salt Lake City. Bank financing was all ready to go before the lender got cold feet. Now, just a few days before closing, the investor finds himself without the necessary funds. As a hard money lender, we can fund the loan and ensure closing occurs on schedule.

2. Covering a Temporary Gap

Imagine another scenario in which a small business has applied for an SBA loan. Approval and funding are likely, but it could take 30 to 60 days before the business owner gets the money. He cannot wait that long; he has immediate needs requiring his attention. Hard money structured as a bridge loan solves that problem. It covers the temporary gap between immediate needs and eventual SBA financing.

Loans Can Be More Flexible

We have the ability to be a lot more flexible with loan rates and terms. Again, we can use bridge loans as an example. Many lenders limit bridge loan funding to six months. We can go as long as one year if necessary. In addition, a bridge loan typically incurs higher fees – as high as 4 or 5 points in some cases. By writing our loans for a year, we save clients money by way of fewer points.

Another example is a hard money loan for real estate investments. Though our real estate funding is typically under the $2.5 million mark, we are not averse to talking about any opportunity. We are willing to look at a full range of properties as long as they offer the opportunity to add value.

Because we are willing to look at more opportunities, we can custom tailor each loan to the opportunity itself. We can work with clients to structure loan amounts, rates, and terms in such a way as to benefit both of us. Borrowers get the best possible value while we get the opportunity to provide funding for some truly exciting projects.

Hard Money Is the Way to Go

We have nothing against traditional bank funding and private investment. But for the clients we serve, hard money is the way to go. They have looked at the other options and concluded that what we offer is better. And more often than not, the decision to go with Actium Partners boils down to speed and flexibility.

Let us talk about funding your next project. Whether you need a bridge loan, hard money for a real estate investment or some other type of funding, we would appreciate the opportunity to help.