Top 3 Reasons Why People Take Out Loans

Actium Partners serves a wide variety of clientele with differing needs. In other words, our hard money loans are not a single type of loan targeted at a single type of customer. We look for every opportunity we can to invest in local Salt Lake City businesses by providing funding that is otherwise too difficult or too time-consuming to obtain from a bank.

The reasons people come to us for hard money and bridge loans might surprise you. Upon learning some of those reasons, you might come to realize that you have a need that is best met by private lending. If so, we would love the opportunity to discuss the matter with you.

In the meantime, here are the top three reasons people take out loans with Actium Partners:

1. Real Estate Development

Real estate development is one of our primary areas of investment. Developers are in a somewhat unique position in that they seldom have the time to wait on banks to secure the funding they need to move forward. Banks have a certain way of doing things that just takes too much time.

Imagine a real estate developer looking at a prime piece of property that has shown plenty of interest in recent weeks. The property seems perfect for the developer’s next project, so the decision is made to acquire it. Rather than waiting weeks on a bank response, that developer comes to us. He gets a decision, and the funding, in days.

2. Funding Growth and Expansion

In a similar vein, we also provide funding to local Salt Lake City businesses in need of cash to fund expansion plans. A typical case would involve a business that could go to a traditional bank but has no interest in jumping through hoops to secure funding.

Our speed and flexibility allows us to provide hard money for expansion and growth needs based on the collateral the client is willing to offer. We can lend based on a percentage of the value of that collateral, providing the necessary funding while also protecting ourselves.

3. Managing Cash Flow

Some clients come to us looking for bridge loans to temporarily manage cash flow. For example, we have helped clients in need of refinancing existing loans in order to protect cash. When banks won’t help them out, we step in. We can write customized refinancing loans for most needs as long as the client brings strong collateral to the table.

We are proud to say that we look at each loan application as an individual case. This allows us to approach hard money with an open mind, looking for opportunities to help Salt Lake City businesses rather than focusing exclusively on how to make money.

Perhaps one of the four reasons discussed in this post applies to your situation. Perhaps you’re looking at private lending for an entirely different reason altogether. At any rate, let’s talk. Actium Partners specializes in providing hard money financing for those needs that just don’t fit well with traditional bank financing.