Why Speed Is So Important to Our Funding Process

Fast funding hard money and brige loans

We talk an awful lot about the speed at which we can fund hard money and bridge loans. Whether you
are looking to borrow in Salt Lake City or elsewhere in Utah, Idaho, or even Colorado, we do our utmost
to fund loans in days rather than months. We consider speed one of the most important aspects of our
funding process.
Not too long ago, we funded one particular loan that exemplifies how important speed is to us. The
borrower in this case was within days of closing on an apartment property when his bank backed out.
He came to us for help. We were able to appraise the property and fund the loan within 24 hours,
guaranteeing he made the closing on time.
3 Reasons We Work Quickly
Next day funding is not the norm, but it is possible when circumstances dictate. Regardless, speed is
important to our funding process for the following three reasons:

  1. Opportunities Pass Quickly
    Clients are often working on opportunities that are of a time-sensitive nature. These are opportunities
    that tend to pass quickly. The example we just mentioned illustrates the point perfectly.
    Had the borrower not been able to make it to closing on time, the opportunity would have been lost.
    Extending the closing date was not possible. For him, it was now or never. Such is often the case in real
    estate deals. Borrowers can be up against the clock on other types of projects, too. All sorts of
    opportunities we fund would otherwise pass quickly.
  2. Delays Cause Additional Problems
    Anyone who has ever borrowed from a bank knows how common delays are. And far too often, delays
    cause additional problems. It is like a chain reaction. A borrower plans on a particular schedule they
    assume the bank will abide by. But if the bank falls behind, dominoes start to fall. Every delay creates
    another problem.
    We are not just hard money lenders at Actium Partners. We are also business owners. We fully
    understand how problematic funding delays can be. We do not want to create problems for our clients.
    Therefore, we see no reason to delay the funding process any longer than necessary. We want to be
    done as quickly as possible.
  3. Clients Want to Move On
    Every type of borrowing creates expectations. Borrowers cannot move on with those expectations until
    funding is secured. You have experienced this yourself if you have ever bought a house. You had to wait
    60 to 90 days for your bank and title company to do what they had to do. You felt like you were in limbo
    the entire time.
    The types of transactions we fund are no different. Our borrowers want to get funding in place so they
    can move on with their projects. Having to wait months can be terribly aggravating and potentially
    harmful to the bottom line.
    By getting right to work and completing the approval processes quickly, we can also move toward
    actually funding a loan more quickly than a bank. The faster we work, the sooner our clients can move
    on with their projects.
    Put Us to the Test
    Actium Partners has a proven track record. We invite you to put us to the test. Contact us with your
    funding needs and give us the opportunity to help you. We trust you will be pleasantly surprised by how
    quickly we get things done.
    When it comes to both hard money and bridge loans, speed is often of the essence. It is important to
    our clients. That makes it important to us, too.