Bridge Loans in Colorado

Denver Skyline Bridge Loans in Colorado

Traditional lenders in Colorado have certain ways of doing things. So do alternative lenders like Actium Partners. We offer Colorado bridge loans to clients who need fast funding from a flexible lender willing to work with them.

Speed is one of the primary benefits of our bridge loans. We are able to work within a variety of circumstances to meet funding needs banks and other private lenders cannot meet. We work quickly while they move more slowly. If time is of the essence, your best funding option is clear.

We offer bridge loans in Colorado to clients who need to bridge the gap between current funding needs and future revenues. This includes property investors, real estate developers, and others for whom traditional financing doesn’t work.

​Funding for Your Next Project

Your next project in Colorado shouldn’t be hampered by an inability to fund it. Even if you plan to seek traditional funding at some point, a bridge loan can get your project on track right now.

Maybe you are looking to finalize a Colorado deal, but you need to show funding in place first. We can help. You might be looking to buy a piece of investment property that you know other buyers are looking at. Count us in. We are willing to take a look at your project to see what we can do.

​Apply with Actium Partners

The process for obtaining one of our Colorado bridge loans is as straightforward as can be. Your first step is to contact us for an application. Tell us about your funding need as well as your collateral and exit strategy. As soon as we have the information, we will get the ball rolling.

Understand that our bridge loans are approved primarily on collateral. Make sure the collateral you offer demonstrates enough value to cover the amount you want to borrow. We will appraise the collateral and offer you a loan amount subject to our current LTV ratio. If all is in order, we can begin drawing up loan documents in a matter of days.

We don’t think clients should have to jump through hoops to secure bridge loans. That’s why we don’t make them. Actium Partners funds Colorado bridge loans quickly, efficiently, and as hassle-free as possible. Clients choose us because we can do things traditional lenders cannot. Why not put us to the test for your next project in Colorado?