Hard Money Loans in Idaho

With its strong economy, friendly tax environment, and fiscally responsible government, Idaho is attractive to businesses and investors alike. Idaho is an excellent option for business activities ranging from property development to corporate relocation. As such, it is also a hotbed of hard money.

We offer hard money loans to clients throughout Idaho. Our loans are designed to facilitate certain types of business activity with speed, flexibility, and personalization. A hard money loan in Idaho could be your ticket to financial success in the Gem State.

Fast and Hassle-Free

One of the main selling points of hard money is speed. Arranging traditional lending through a bank takes time. For some types of transactions, time is of the essence. Clients cannot wait weeks or months for funding. So rather than turning to banks, they turn to Actium Partners instead.

Our hard money loans in Idaho are funded quickly. We can typically assess client collateral and complete paperwork in a matter of days. If emergency circumstances dictate, we can often fund loans in under 24 hours.

We make borrowing hard money in Idaho as hassle-free as possible. Our documentation requirements are minimal, we handle appraisals ourselves, and we have the flexibility to accommodate less-than-ideal circumstances in order to ensure loans are funded promptly.

Your Collateral Matters Most

If you are unfamiliar with hard money loans, you need to know that this particular type of lending relies heavily on collateral. For example, we frequently make loans to property investors looking to expand their portfolios. The properties they hope to buy act as collateral on their loans.

Because our decisions are made primarily based on collateral, we do not require clients to jump through paperwork hoops. We don’t require mountains of documentation relating to personal income, profit and loss statements, etc. Your collateral is what matters most.

How We Make Loans in Idaho

Our process of making hard money loans in Idaho is simple and straightforward. You contact us and let us know of your need. We supply you with a loan application that requires minimal documentation. Submit the application and wait for us to appraise your collateral.

If everything is in order, we start preparing loan documents as soon as the appraisal is complete. Once documents are completed and signed, we fund the loan as per our signed agreement. It is just that simple.

Actium Partners is thrilled to offer hard money loans in Idaho. If you are looking to take advantage of Idaho’s strong economy and friendly tax position, we are here to help. Let us talk about how hard money can help you achieve your financial goals.

Actium only makes loans allowed by Idaho law and does not make any loans secured by 1 to 4 units of residential property