Hard Money Lenders in Colorado

Welcome to Colorado Hard Money Lenders in Colorado

Most people look at Colorado as a state full of natural wonders. From Denver’s mile high peaks to the state’s Eastern Plains, Colorado is hard to beat for its natural beauty. But to you, the state is also a land of business opportunities.

Do not let the difficulty of obtaining traditional financing derail your goals in the Centennial State. When traditional financing takes too much time or requires jumping through too many hoops, turn to Actium Partners instead. We offer hard money loans in Colorado.

Our Colorado hard money loans are designed to be fast and efficient. They are designed to meet client needs when other lending institutions fall short. In fact, our approval process has been purposely developed to be as fast as possible without requiring a mountain of documentation.

​We Work Quickly

Obtaining a loan does not have to involve a long, drawn-out process. Here at Actium Partners, it doesn’t. We work quickly. We can fund Colorado hard money loans in a matter of days. How do we do it? By keeping documentation requirements to a minimum and handling the entire process ourselves.

When a Colorado client contacts us for hard money, we collect a minimal amount of information to get the ball rolling. Once we understand the client’s need, we assess the collateral being offered to back the loan. We then make a loan offer based on the value of that collateral.

We can prepare loan documents and get funding to the client within a very short time after collateral appraisal. Colorado hard money loans from Actium do not take months. We require only a few days in most cases.

​When Other Lenders Cannot Help

We get the fact that hard money loans in Colorado are not the right option for everyone. But when other lenders cannot help, hard money is standing by. Hard money is so named because loans are made primarily based on collateral value. Your hard asset is your ticket to fast funding.

We offer hard money loans to real estate investors, business owners, and others with unique financial needs not appropriate for traditional financing. If you would like to know more about our Colorado hard money loans, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Actium Partners specializes in hard money financing designed around speed, flexibility, and creativity. Let us help you meet your financial goals in the great state of Colorado.