"Most lenders write bridge loans for six months and charge much higher fees fees (4 to 5 points over that half-year period.) We're different. We help you by structuring our loans for a longer period of time (one year) so the points don't approach that high annual rate."
— Paul Christenson, President

Bridge Loans

Bridge loans are often a necessary financial tool to reach your goals. Actium Partners considers bridge loans on a case-by-case basis and offers competitive rates. All bridge loans must be secured by real estate in first lien position. One clear benefit of working with Actium Partners is that we can evaluate your situation and make preliminary funding decisions in less than 24 hours. Rapid funding of your loan ensures you can quickly capitalize on the financial opportunity.


  • Term is one year
  • Loans up to $1 million, but there is no firm minimum
  • No prepayment penalty


We’ve published multiple articles and case studies about bridge loans and private lending to help you understand how these financial tools can be used to support and help grow your business.


Actium manages funds dedicated to making first-position real estate loans. Find out more.

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