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What Every New Investor Should Know About Negative Leverage

Colorado’s property market could see some interesting changes this year, depending on what the 2024 legislative session produces. We were considering some of those potential changes in relation to Colorado hard money leanding when the idea of negative leverage came up

Third-Party Reports and Their Relationship to Hard Money Loans

Every type of lending involves at least some paperwork. Hard money lending has its own paperwork, but the requirements tend to be substantially less compared to what traditional lenders require. Among our requirements are a small number of third-party reports. You are probably familiar with such reports if you are a regular hard money borrower. […]

If Conventional Loans Just Aren’t Worth It, Contact Actium

Clients come to Actium Partners in search of hard money and bridge loans for lots of different reasons. To some of our clients, we are the first choice for funding their immediate financial needs. To others, we are a source of fast cash when time is of the essence. But every once in a while, […]

Lack of Verifiable Income Shouldn’t Stop You from Borrowing

Conventional loans help organizations meet their financial goals. But they have their drawbacks. For instance, you might have a small business owner or an investor who would struggle to verify a steady source of income in order to satisfy the needs of a bank or credit union. Perhaps you’ve experienced this very scenario yourself. Our […]

Why a Nimble and Agile Hard Money Lender Is a Strong Asset to You

Actium Partners explains why a flexible and fast-working hard money lender is a strong asset during the investment process.

Property Investors, Are You Prepared for Recession?

Despite denials from Washington, a good majority of financial experts and economists say the country is headed for recession. The last recession was recent enough that many of us still have clear memories of its impact on our investments. If you are an investor yourself, are you prepared this time around? Our main emphasis here […]

Just How Quickly Can a Hard Money Loan Be Arranged?

One of the main selling points of hard money loans is speed. Loans can be arranged much faster compared to bank loans. How fast? That depends on the circumstances. But here at Actium Partners, we have been known to get it done in 24 hours. That is not the norm, but it is still possible. […]

In the Hard Money Game Both Borrower and Lender Are Investors

We talk an awful lot about investors when describing what we do. The reason is simple: the vast majority of borrowers we do business with are real estate investors. They rely on hard money and bridge loans to obtain choice properties they believe they can make money on. But when you stop and think about […]

5 Question We Hope You’ll Ask When Borrowing from Us

Here at Actium Partners, we are big proponents of borrowers getting the best possible funding solution to meet their needs. We understand that hard money is a competitive business. We also know that borrowers have to look out for their own best interests. Believe it or not, we truly appreciate those who do. Given the […]

First-Time Clients: How to Increase Your Chances of Approval

Every client we have ever worked with was a first-time client at some point. They all had to convince us that partnering with them was a good idea. If you are planning to apply for your first Actium Partners loan, you will have to do the same thing. Don’t stress over it. Just make a […]