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How Financing Property Acquisitions Can Actually Boost Returns

Let us begin this post with a question: is all debt bad? On the surface, you might think so. However, there are certain circumstances under which debt can be a good thing. Property investing is a prime example. Financing acquisitions through hard money loans can actually boost an investor’s returns over time.

What Every New Investor Should Know About Negative Leverage

Colorado’s property market could see some interesting changes this year, depending on what the 2024 legislative session produces. We were considering some of those potential changes in relation to Colorado hard money leanding when the idea of negative leverage came up

Hard Money 101 for New Investors

Here at Actium Partners, we specialize in hard money and bridge loans for real estate. Our clients are located throughout Utah, Colorado, and Idaho. What we do for clients is pretty straightforward. However, if you are new to real estate investing, you might not be familiar with how hard money works. Allow us to explain. […]

In the Hard Money Game Both Borrower and Lender Are Investors

We talk an awful lot about investors when describing what we do. The reason is simple: the vast majority of borrowers we do business with are real estate investors. They rely on hard money and bridge loans to obtain choice properties they believe they can make money on. But when you stop and think about […]

The Truth About Hard Money Lending Might Surprise You

A lot of people believe plenty of inaccurate things about the hard money industry. Thanks to the omnipresent internet, the world is awash with misinformation about what we hard money lenders do. That is unfortunate because hard money proves itself a valuable tool time and again. It is too bad more people don’t know the […]

When to Consider Using a Hard Money Lender

As a business owner or investor, you have plenty of options for financing. Hard money is just one of them. While we appreciate the opportunity to provide hard money and bridge loans throughout Salt Lake City and the entire state of Utah, we get the fact that our loans are not always the best option. […]

Why Residential Investors Should Consider Going Commercial

The majority of our property loans go to investors looking to obtain commercial properties. Residential properties have their attractive points, especially for new investors just getting their feet wet, but commercial property is ultimately where the big money is at. We would encourage you to consider going commercial if all your property investments to date […]

3 Things Every Investor Should Know About 1031 Transactions

A year or so ago, we published a blog post discussing how investors could use hard money loans to complete time-sensitive 1031 transactions. Not much has changed regarding 1031 rules since then. However, the topic deserves to be revisited as we head into another tax season. Known as the 1031 Exchange, a 1031 transaction is […]

Hard Money, Bridge Loans, and Amortization

You can visit countless websites and find loan calculators based on the amortization principle. Amortization is a common practice for auto loans, mortgages, and other types of non-business funding. Even traditional small business loans are amortized. Is that the case for hard money and bridge loans? Usually, no. As private lenders, hard money lenders have […]

Is the Interest on a Hard Money Loan Tax Deductible?

We assume that most people looking to borrow from Actium Partners work with their accountants or tax preparers on strategies to reduce their tax liabilities. But if you are new to the whole hard money game, you might not know how a loan from us would affect your tax position. For example, is the interest […]