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How Do Hard Money Loans and Mortgages Differ?

The pre-housing-crash hard money industry was known for making all sorts of loans that lenders would never make today. Our industry has changed quite a bit as a result of the aftermath of the crash, especially where the Dodd-Frank Act relates to property funding. Unfortunately, some people still conflate hard money loans with mortgages because […]

The Difference Between Financial Position and Collateral Value

Quite a few things distinguish hard money from traditional bank financing. From the lender’s perspective, the difference between borrower financial position and collateral value is big. In fact, it is the main factor that separates hard money from traditional lending. Hard money lenders like Actium Partners are more interested in collateral than the borrower’s financial […]

Top 5 Hard Money Terms for Newbies

What is it about financial services that aggravates you the most? For many investors new to the hard money game, it is the words our industry uses. Suffice it to say that the financial sector has its own lingo. If you don’t know what certain terms mean, you could end up approaching a deal without […]

How to Avoid Hard Money Lending Scams

Hard money lending is a legitimate financial service on par with other forms of licensed private lending. Unfortunately, our industry is given a black eye every time a fraudster manages to scam people out of their hard-earned money. We consider it part of our responsibility to educate people about how they can avoid hard money […]

A Summary of Hard Money Lending in 4 Points

The internet is a treasure trove of information about hard money lending. Some of it is true, some of it is not. Some of the information is produced by people who are genuine experts in the field. Other information, not so much. The long and short of it is that you cannot always believe what […]

5 Question We Hope You’ll Ask When Borrowing from Us

Here at Actium Partners, we are big proponents of borrowers getting the best possible funding solution to meet their needs. We understand that hard money is a competitive business. We also know that borrowers have to look out for their own best interests. Believe it or not, we truly appreciate those who do. Given the […]

Using a Bridge Loan to Acquire Vacant Land for Development

The fact that private lenders enjoy greater flexibility allows them to consider loan types that banks wouldn’t even touch. A good example is a hard money loan used to acquire a piece of vacant land for development. Banks tend to steer clear of such loans because they consider vacant land too risky. On the other […]

Are Hard Money and Private Lending the Same Thing?

Hard money lenders are private lenders in the sense that we are not publicly owned banks. However, in our industry, we differentiate between private lenders based on business models. It pays to know the difference if you are looking to fund a project by way of alternative financing. Actium Partners operates as a hard money […]

Is Hard Money Right for You – 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Your typical bridge loan or hard money lender is willing to entertain any inquiry, within reason. At Actium Partners, there are those opportunities that interest us more than others. There are also opportunities we will never look at beyond the initial inquiry. We are not alone. Private lenders across the country are very discriminating about […]

Initial Information on a Hard Money Property Loan

Hard money lenders are private lenders offering a form of alternative financing when banks just won’t do. Here at Actium Partners, we are capable of funding a variety of needs. We specialize in real estate transactions among investors, real estate developers, and the like. Whenever we entertain a new project, there is some initial information […]