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Is Hard Money Right for You – 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Your typical bridge loan or hard money lender is willing to entertain any inquiry, within reason. At Actium Partners, there are those opportunities that interest us more than others. There are also opportunities we will never look at beyond the initial inquiry. We are not alone. Private lenders across the country are very discriminating about […]

Initial Information on a Hard Money Property Loan

Hard money lenders are private lenders offering a form of alternative financing when banks just won’t do. Here at Actium Partners, we are capable of funding a variety of needs. We specialize in real estate transactions among investors, real estate developers, and the like. Whenever we entertain a new project, there is some initial information […]

An Example of How Hard Money Can Help Real Estate Investors

Actium Partners is thrilled to be able to work with clients in Salt Lake City and throughout Utah. Our hard money and bridge loans have helped countless clients fund projects over the years. We have worked with developers, small business owners, and other organizations. One of our favorite types of clients to work with is […]

4 Bank Issues That Don’t Scare Hard Money Lenders

We put a lot of effort into differentiating ourselves from banks and credit unions. As private lenders, those of us in the hard money industry are able to lend on projects that just aren’t suitable for traditional lending. We can do things banks cannot because our business model is different. Our ability to provide alternative […]

Why Hard Money Is the Next Best Thing to All Cash

With the real estate market as competitive as it is these days, buyers need every advantage to get the deals they want. It is as true for investors as anyone else. The best way to get a leg up in a hot market is to offer all cash. But if you do not have enough […]

3 Common Exit Strategies for Hard Money Loans

Borrowers looking for hard money loans from Actium Partners are expected to come to the table with an exit strategy. An exit strategy is a plan to repay what is borrowed, on time and according to loan terms. Lack of a solid plan could easily mean a loan application is rejected. The good news is […]

Does Hard Money Make Sense for Buying Multi-Family Properties?

Here at Actium Partners, we have plenty of opportunities to work with real estate investors looking to obtain new properties. Some of those investors are looking at multi-family properties, like apartment buildings. The question is this: does hard money makes sense for buying these properties? Multi-family properties come in all shapes and sizes. There are […]

The #1 Reason to Obtain Hard Money First

It goes without saying that a lot of the projects we fund make use of multiple forms of financing. For example, we have funded real estate investments with short-term bridge loans that have allowed our clients to obtain properties and then work out traditional financing. In cases where multiple funding options will be utilized, it’s […]

Why You Should Build a Long-Term Relationship with Your Lender

Financial advice websites do not typically talk about establishing long-term relationships with lenders in the context of hard money. That’s too bad, because establishing a long-term relationship with a hard money lender could mean access to fast cash for all sorts of projects. Hard money lenders are no different than any other kinds of lenders […]

Why Speed Is So Important to Our Funding Process

We talk an awful lot about the speed at which we can fund hard money and bridge loans. Whether youare looking to borrow in Salt Lake City or elsewhere in Utah, Idaho, or even Colorado, we do our utmostto fund loans in days rather than months. We consider speed one of the most important aspects […]