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Why You Should Build a Long-Term Relationship with Your Lender

Financial advice websites do not typically talk about establishing long-term relationships with lenders in the context of hard money. That’s too bad, because establishing a long-term relationship with a hard money lender could mean access to fast cash for all sorts of projects. Hard money lenders are no different than any other kinds of lenders […]

How Hard Money Can Save a Deal on the Brink

How often have you heard that hard money is a resource of last resort? It is claimed so often that theconcept has become synonymous with hard money lending. Fortunately, for you and us it is not true.Not only is hard money lending not a last resort strategy, but it could also be the only form […]

Your Options When Approaching Business Loan Maturity

For many companies, business loans represent one of several funding vehicles necessary to keep things going. Business loans of all types have maturity dates, those dates on which the loans must be paid in full. However, reaching maturity does not necessarily dictate the end of the line. As a trusted hard money lender in Salt […]

How We Helped a Real Estate Firm Overcome a Roadblock

Hard money lenders like Actium Partners exist for one purpose: to do what banks cannot do. We loan money based primarily on collateral rather than personal credit history and other traditional factors. Furthermore, we do what we do quickly. Speed is one of the primary factors separating hard money from traditional bank lending.   A […]

Bridge Loans Offer Fast Cash When Time is of the Essence

Bridge loans are quite a bit different from traditional loans in a number of ways. For example, they can be obtained much faster. Bridge loans are the ideal choice when a client needs access to fast cash because time is of the essence. That client may be working on a compressed timeline restricted to the […]

5 Characteristics of Bridge Loans

One of the things we specialize in are bridge loans. Bridge loans constitute a specialized form of lending designed to meet immediate cash needs without having to go to a bank. We have helped many clients make their dreams reality through bridge loans individually structured to their unique needs. Needless to say that not all […]

Borrower Pledges Real Estate to Secure Bridge Loan

It’s often said that if a business isn’t growing, it’s dying. But sometimes growth is constrained by an inability to secure funding from a traditional bank. This is where bridge loans from private lenders can mean the difference between failure and success. Here is sample situation where private lending offers an ideal solution. A borrower […]

Top 3 Advantages of Private Lending or Hard Money Loans

Private loans, often referred to as hard money loans or bridge loans, offer three significant advantages over conventional or bank-financing arrangements. Private lenders can fund quickly, within a flexible structure and without prepayment penalties that can unintentionally hinder the success of your business. Here are the top three advantages of hard money loans: 1. Rapid […]

Private Lending Pays Off for Seasonal Business

Securing funds from traditional lending institutions in the post-downturn economy can seem nearly impossible. That’s where private lenders like Actium can bridge the gap and provide resources where other avenues have failed. Actium worked with a company in a seasonal industry whose long-profitable business had experienced challenges during the Great Recession. As a result, traditional […]